Smoothie Challenge Reviews


Smoothie Challenge Reviews

“I wanted to reach out and say thank you for this smoothie challenge–and let you know how much I enjoyed the past week. I was able to hold myself accountable and successfully completed the challenge of having a nutritious smoothie every day for 7 days. It has been the only challenge throughout the pandemic that I was able to fully complete–and I even got my mom in on it too!

Your guide/breakdown to smoothie-making was extremely helpful! I suffer from IBS and certain food intolerances (it doesn’t help that i’m also a bit of a picky eater too), so I modified some of your recipes to better suit my dietary needs and it felt revolutionary to say the least! I never thought to swap spinach for another green; I tried experimenting with celery and lettuce as substitutes and LOVED it…the best part is that it loved me back! No IBS or bloating struggles and no stomach pains. I plan to continue following your smoothie-making guide, and even shared it with friends and family, so thank you for that!

As I progressed in the challenge, I did notice a positive change in my appetite – snacking less, felt full for longer, more energized and less bloating to name a few. Your challenge even pushed me one step further…I bought some weights, dug out the old treadmill and turned an unused storage room in the basement into a home gym! This challenged encouraged me to get back into physical activity. I used to go to the gym and do yoga almost every single day until the pandemic hit, and have been struggling to find that routine again over the past 4 months, especially since starting work again in September. I’m in the process of creating a workout plan for myself that I can pair with my smoothie plan for the week and I’m so excited to start up this new journey!

A huge thank you for re-lighting this fire within me. It’s just what I needed to get back on my feet with my athletic routine and I’m so grateful to have new knowledge and recipes to take with me in this new chapter!”

– Jessica H.

“I did the 7 day smoothie challenge with Jennifer several times in the past two years. It’s a great way to get my energy levels up and get me back on track with healthier eating choices. I just finished another round of the 7 day challenge and I have to say I feel an energy boost. I replaced breakfast with a smoothie and I find that it holds me until lunch. I’m adding more fruits and veggies to my diet and I’ve already noticed improvement in my IBS symptoms (I use the recipes from Jennifer’s “Smoothies for IBS E-book“). I’m definitely feeling less bloated and I’ve lost a few pounds. I feel great and will continue my once a day smoothie routine!”

– Alexandra

“I have been blending Jennifer’s smoothies for a year and a half now–and I’m proof that they work! I have lost weight and my IBS symptoms have subsided. Jennifer, you changed my life. Your incredible knowledge and unwavering support mean the world to me. You always make yourself available for any questions I may have and I can’t thank you enough. You are a beautiful person in and out and your vast knowledge of food and nutrition, and the impact it has on our well being, is admirable. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated.”

– Anna

“I just finished the most recent 7 Day Smoothie Challenge with Jennifer, but I started doing smoothies with her a few years ago. I usually do them Monday to Friday, replacing either breakfast or lunch. I find that it keeps me on track with eating healthy at least 5 days a week. I know I’m putting good stuff in my body at the start of my day–and it helps with my IBS. I’ve learned so much from Jennifer these past few years and I expect to keep learning! Thank you!”

– Rita

“Jennifer, thank you for your generous guidance and motivation during the smoothie challenge. Your heart is truly green ?. You are always sending your vibrant, nourishing, and loving vibes to all of us trying to do better for our bodies and minds. Thank you so much.”

– Natalie

“Jennifer, thank you for the 7-day smoothie challenge. I was doing daily smoothies for so long, but when Covid hit my diet went sideways. This has been a great opportunity to reset and I am feeling brighter already.”

– Rosemary

“It gives me great pleasure to write a review about not just a health and wellness coach, but an extraordinary individual. Jennifer is passionate about teaching simple, yet practical ways to protect your most valuable asset–your health. Her smoothies are a powerful step to make that happen. Way back in our U of T days, we would chat about having the right coach by our side to make a difference, coupled with accountability and consistency… Well, you have found that perfect individual. Jennifer, you’re it!

You are a mentor and great role model to many. Thank you for being that mentor and health coach for me. You have helped individuals make healthier food choices and choose appropriate vitamins and nutritional supplements that help to address specific areas of health. You have helped me stay consistent in my mission to control my Type I diabetes. Thank you for making an impact on my health and wellness.”

– Rosie

“This is my second time taking part in Jen’s Smoothie Challenge and I know there will be a third time in the future! I love all of the great tips on nutrition, the positivity that Jen brings, and how energized I feel when doing the challenge.”

– Lauren D.

“This was my first time doing the smoothie challenge and WOW… what a great experience it was! Besides the wonderful recipes that Jen provided, her positivity and encouragement, through her daily posts, is what motivated me to keep going! Thank you Jen and I can’t wait for the next one!”

– Effie

“Jennifer, I am day 12 of my smoothie challenge and I am 6 lbs down – wooo hoooo! My progress will be a bit slower than most since I am 7 weeks post chemo and it’s normal to have gained a significant amount of weight while on the steroids they give you during chemo. They said it would be almost impossible to lose the weight quickly and that it would take quite a bit of time. You help me beat those odds and I truly thank you for your program and for making the beginning of a healthy program so easy. Most people do not know where to start. All they have to do is get on any of your sites (Instagram, Facebook) or blog and boom – easy peasy. Thank you Jennifer I will continue to keep you posted on my progress.”

– Carla C.

“My Smoothie Challenge began in September. I’m not too sure what I was expecting, but I love smoothies and was hoping for some new recipes. The prep was important for me to ensure I had the right ingredients on hand including Jen’s recommended protein powder that kept me full for a longer period of time.

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and flew through the 2 weeks. Once it was over, I started to be inconsistent with my smoothies I became a little grumpy, irritable and hangry! So, after a quick chat with Jennifer, I went back to a smoothie a day and in 3 days I was back to my “zen” place again. I took this a step further and have been working with Jennifer on her Love Your Gut Program. I didn’t realize that my digestion/tummy troubles were NOT normal. Also, my sleep was not great and my joint pain? – I thought was just me getting old.

I’ll skip to the end of the 7 weeks and report that:
1. I have very little gas and bloating now
2. My sleep is way better (except when the snore machine next to me starts!)
3. I’ve lost about 5 lbs right around my muffin top WITHOUT STARVING MYSELF.

I feel really good. I feel I have a better relationship with food now. I don’t crave sweets often any longer. When I’m hungry, I’m actually hungry! It’s been a great experience and journey. I encourage others to try the Smoothie Challenge and hopefully the Love Your Gut Program as well. Thank you to Jennifer for helping me through this crazy wonderful journey!”

– Tamara M.

“The smoothies are amazing! I have decided to continue with them even after the challenge since they are so delicious and filling. I don’t find myself starving in the morning anymore and I feel they help me be less lethargic. Thank you for your support, the Facebook group was very helpful especially with the blender struggle. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but you are an inspiration – not to be cheesy lol!”

– Callie C.

“Jen, I can not believe how much I am getting to know of you. I was always so proud of you, but in doing this challenge and hearing about your own challenges is sweeping me off my feet. Firstly, I want to compliment you on your fantastic writing abilities. The way you incorporate humour into your paragraphs makes me look forward to receiving the next email from you. You are incredibly inspiring and motivating. You bring tears of joy to me as you truly are an incredible woman. Thank you for sharing your most intimate experiences, and it gives me hope that I can do this and that I too can begin to feel healthier.”

– Anna D.

“I just finished the 14 day Smoothie Challenge. It was great to have guidance and support along the way. I will definitely incorporate theses smoothies into my life since they are energizing for me. Also, I have IBS and I never experienced any gas or bloating while consuming these smoothies. The smoothies filled me up until the next meal. I definitely recommend the challenge; it’s a great start to a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer is a great motivator and she made it fun.”

– Maria Z.

“I’ve legit started your challenge and have been doing it since January (or February). Love it and I feel great in the morning. It’s a great alternative to stuff like oats and eggs which I always consumed before.”

– Adam D.

“Jen, I just wanted to thank you again, as I passed my 14 days of continuous smoothie drinking!  It has been fantastic!  I feel better, and slightly leaner.  I will definitely continue to have a daily smoothie.”

– Darcy B.

“Jennifer’s 14 day smoothie challenge is great. I did it back in September. I find over the summers I tend to over do carbs (too much wine & bbq’s). I wanted to get back on track so the smoothie challenge was the perfect way to start. I found it to be a great & delicious way to increase or incorporate more fruits & veggies in to my diet. I still substitute 1 meal a day approximately 3 time per week since doing the challenge. The benefits I have noticed: it’s a quick and easy meal, I enjoy them, my skin looks better, I feel energized and hydrated. I highly recommend trying it!”

– Emily M.

“When Crispin asked me if I wanted to do a 14 day smoothie challenge with him, my answer was “Yes, duh!” I love smoothies, and it wasn’t going to take much arm twisting to make me drink them every day.

We just completed ‘Jennifer’s 14-day Smoothie Challenge’, and I’ve got to say that it was a great experience. Jennifer’s e-mails were packed with great information about choosing the proper ingredients to make a drink that both tastes great and is actually healthy instead of just full of sugar, and the story she shared with us about her personal quest for better health was inspiring.

Two weeks later, replacing my breakfasts with smoothies has left me feeling more energized than ever and happy to be getting a more balanced mixture of fruits and veggies in my diet.

I definitely recommend ‘Jennifer’s 14-day Smoothie Challenge’ to anyone looking to improve their diet, or even just switch up their eating habits for fun!”

– Lauren Duenas

“I had been looking for a good way to streamline my breakfast due to my hectic schedule, and I decided that Jennifer’s 14-day Smoothie Challenge was a great way to explore my options. Jen sent out frequent emails helping all of us with choosing the right ingredients, making great tasting smoothies, and even what to look for in a quality blender. Even though the 14-day challenge has ended, I still make smoothies for me and my wife in the morning to help us get some much needed nutrients into our bodies as early as possible.

I highly recommend this challenge to anyone looking to change up their eating routine, and anyone trying to figure out a healthy and easy way to get more fruits and vegetables into their diet.”

– Crispin Duenas, Olympic Athlete

“Jennifer’s 14-day smoothie challenge was a wonderful experience. She was with us every step of the way – providing us with great recipes, motivational ideas, great tips for shopping, and keeping our vegetables and fruits fresh. We were always able to ask her questions and she was prompt and effective in answering them. 

I have to admit, with my busy schedule I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up, but I did! All the great ideas provided made it easy to put these smoothies together.
I had great energy throughout the day and knowing that I was putting good things in my body made me happy. It increased my energy, eliminated my bloating and gas issues and even improved my bowel movements (and we all know how great good bowel movements can make us feel).

I can’t see myself not having a smoothie everyday, especially knowing how good it makes me feel. Altogether it was a great experience that I will now make a part of my daily routine.”

– Sophia S.

“Well, where to start… First i would like to thank Jennifer for motivating all of us through this 14 day journey. In these 14 days I have had my smoothie every morning and it has changed my mood in general. I had let myself go due to health issues and I was feeling very down. I have felt a lot more energy since starting this challenge. I had a hard time eating during the day and the smoothie made sure I got all the nutrients my body needed. I know it is not easy changing your lifestyle to a healthy one, but I can assure you even the smallest change can change the whole you. I am very proud of myself for taking on this challenge and not giving up so fast. Thank you so much Jen for helping me get through these 14 days, for answering my questions and hearing me out.”

– Herpreet

“Truly blessed and thankful to have found a such a great and knowledgeable lifestyle and nutrition coach. Your support and encouragement are priceless and sincerely appreciated. I found the Love Your Gut Program to be very doable and easy to incorporate into my daily lifestyle. With such a wonderful support team at Healthletica achieving all my nutrition and fitness goals will be very easy.”

– Lisa R.

Thank you Jennifer! This challenge was the best decision I have made for myself. Thanks to you and your support I now have the tools to make healthy choices. This is only the beginning and I can’t wait to see continued results in the coming months!

– Elizabeth P.

“Jennifer, I want to thank you for all the help. I have met the 30-day (Love Your Gut Program) challenge and am so happy I went for it!

When I found Healthletica it was my goal to gain back strength and flexibility. X-fit plus yoga really appealed to me, and both are great. Little did I know that there is so much more to Healthletica.

Soon after joining, you sent out an email for the 14-day smoothie challenge and I jumped on-board. The smoothies have a balance in nutrition that give me energy and keep me full through to lunch. I also really like the community that comes with this; it is so helpful to be part of a group who are all working to improve health, and having fun with it!

After the challenge, I wanted to learn about the Love Your Gut Program. This program and your coaching have given me the next level of support to get the unhealthy food off my plate, and add the supplements my body needs to get healthy. I am going to stick with this!

Having finished the first 30 days, I have improved my sleep, I am improving my yoga, I have more energy and I have shed weight that before the program, stubbornly would not go despite added exercise and calorie reduction.

The goal of the Love Your Gut Program is to get healthy – not a number on the scale, and I really find this has made this journey one that I will be able to sustain. It is a lifestyle change, not a diet and I want to thank you, and Rosie, and the team at Healthletica for offering not only great yoga classes, but also nutrition and health support that I needed.”

– R.W.

“What a great way to start feeling better. At first I was hesitant when I saw the post last year for a previous challenge…thought to myself that I wouldn’t enjoy it. But then I saw a post again in March and said – ‘what do I have to lose?’

What an awesome journey it has been. I don’t feel complete without my morning smoothies now! I feel more energized – and best of all my skin has cleared up so much that I’m amazed when I look at myself in the mirror.

Switching through protein powders a few days prior to the start of the challenge was a bit of a challenge itself. With Jennifer’s guidance and expertise her protein powder was truthfully the best one. It took my husband all but 3 seconds of just smelling the vanilla PurePaleo protein to agree to make the switch!

I feel lighter – down 1.5 pounds. I will miss reading the daily emails that continued to inspire me and try new things. Although I am still stuck on a berry smoothie most mornings I feel that Jennifer has provided me the guidance and tips to continue on this journey for years to come. I want to thank you for your willingness to share your knowledge along the way.”

– Laura D.

“I always look forward to my morning smoothie. I like to prep everything a day or two in advance. This is my 2nd round at the challenge. My weight last month was stagnant at 202 lbs. I finally broke that plateau point everyone seems to hit. This morning my scale reading was 195 lbs. I’m feeling really good about my morning ritual. A smoothie a day! Thanks again to my cousin Rosie to push me to make a change. Jennifer, you are so knowledgeable, keep up the awesome work and thanks for sharing!”

– Claudio D.

“I just finished the smoothie challenge recently with Jennifer and she really got me starting some good habits on the regular. I still wake up most mornings craving my nutritious drink. I even got my boyfriend wanting them too!! Jennifer really helped trouble shoot almost every problem you could run into with smoothie making. The live group also was a motivational touch and I enjoy still being a part of this group! I recommend this challenge to anyone who is still on the fence about making an overall lifestyle change. Its not expensive, time consuming or really much of a drastic change. But it does wonders! Its a commitment to dessert in a cup everyday! How can you say no to that??? Love you Jen, thank you for the inspiration, support, and caring attitude towards improving my well being!”

– Natalie C.

“There really was/is no downside to this challenge.  We all feel better, let alone look better.  We are forever indebted to you for changing our lives and our attitudes.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog a new trick.  Let your Dad and I stand as your witnesses that we can change if we really want to.

One of the best reasons for me to tell people to listen to you is this: The change is immediate.  Within the first few days you already feel and see a difference in yourself.  Of course, your personal guidance and attention is the very best.  We all look forward to Smoothie Sunday which is now a staple in Casa DiGregorio.  This is all your doing and that is because all you do is CARE!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

– Frances A.

“Today is the last day of the smoothie challenge, and I feel like a new person. I’ve had more energy and feel a lot better since dealing with my medical issues. My skin has started to look more radiant and I love it. I’m very bad at eating fruits and vegetables in my diet and this has been a great way to get the nutrients I need. The challenge was not hard at all…very easy, just throw it in and blend. I will be continuing the smoothies in my everyday life. Thank you so much Jennifer.”

– H.S.

“Jennifer’s 14 day smoothie challenge… is awesome and a great kick-start to good health. The key is in the prep.. Jen spells it out and I had everything chopped, frozen and ready in advance. Daily emails with tips also were great. If I can do it… anyone can ! Made it so easy to follow… but I loved the delicacies of the unique cake like smoothies. Delicious! I believe I tried every recipe. Feeling great and ready to do it again in January. Rock Star Jen!”

– Joy B.

“My son was inspired by Jennifer and the 14 day smoothie challenge, it gave him the motivation he needed. Jen provides support and fabulous recipes for nutritious and filling smoothies and is happy to report a 10 pound weight loss having 2 smoothies a day along with a sensible meal. Thanks Jen, you rock!”

– Debbie L.

“Jennifer’s 14 day smoothie challenge was a blast. So many new ways to make smoothies and great tasting. They are fast and easy for on the go people. I learned so much and I’ve been blending for over a year Monday to Friday. Take the challenge you won’t regret it. Have a smoothie of a day.”

– Cheryl R.

“Jennifer’s 14 day Smoothie Challenge was fun and interesting learning new ways and great tips to blend up a new great tasting smoothie’s every day and they don’t take a lot time when you are in a hurry! Join her smoothie challenge it was awesome!”

– Debbie T.

“Jennifer, thanks so much for the challenge.  Except for the Sunday when my body “demanded” eggs Florentine instead of a smoothie I made it through all the other days.   Some disasters …. too much fresh broccoli one day, and another day an overdose of fresh ginger!

After the challenge I thought I would go back to juicing but no will stick to smoothies.

The challenge kept me on track of healthy eating especially remembering to add the protein powder.  I started each morning with water and lemon (as I have done for years) and an hour or so later had my smoothie based on your formula.   I found that I didn’t ever get hungry or have any cravings and usually only had one solid food meal around 5 for dinner.  I didn’t lose weight but feel good.  (Much better than I certainly did in November.)”

Note: Although Carol’s scale did not show any changes in her weight, she did report an improvement in how her pants fit her (around the waist) after the two weeks. This is an indication of body composition changes – increased lean muscle mass and decreased fat mass.

– Carol A.

“Nutritionally dense and nutritionally sound! I am a diabetic and live by a very controlled diet – every meal must be tailored to my current blood sugar level. My first meal of the day is most important and creating a proper meal in only 5 minutes has made life easier for me.

Managing diabetes is a science and the science behind Jennifer’s smoothie formula is sensible. It allows me to better control my blood sugar levels throughout the day while indulging in something that tastes like dessert. To top it off, I get all the nutrition benefits that come from these deliciously fit smoothies. This is a bonus for a diabetic!

I would encourage anyone thinking about a healthier diet and/or better diabetic control to consider this 14-day smoothie challenge. Jennifer, you have been a great coach and mentor – and partner in health. Thank you to all my deliciously fit group and all your amazing tips, personal twists and magnificent photos. You all have made this journey so exciting for me. Your health matters, so continue to invest in the things that make you feel good – I’ll be right beside all of you.”

– Rosie Posca – Certified Exercise Physiologist, BA in Kinesiology & Health Science

“The smoothie challenge and my Healthletica membership are setting me on a much better track! I have found the smoothie challenge, and the coaching from Jennifer has added a really valuable start to my day. I love the simple recipes that allow me to make an endless list of smoothies — I never get bored and I have the energy I need to get through a busy morning and a workout!

Jennifer, this challenge was just what I needed to set my intentions into action! The balance in the recipe between veggies, fruit, protein and fat (the good stuff!) makes a delicious, filling and fun breakfast. I love doing the challenge with a team and so also want to thank everyone for inspiring new ideas. One other huge benefit for me is that the smoothies are perfect to set me up for a great workout. I have the energy I need and have been feeling great. THANK YOU!”

– Rosemary 

“I joined an exceptional group of smoothie adventures with replacing at least one meal with a delicious tasting smoothie…had to leave an excellent review! This group and Jen kept the challenge motivated. Still taking on the challenge too…Looking forward to February with new experiences and great tips Thanks to all.”

– Melissa C.

“Absolutely loved the smoothie challenge. I feel fantastic – eating better, sleeping better, all-around just feeling so much better – thanks Jenn!”

– Kelly C.

“Jennifer, thank you for this journey.  You have given me a new outlook, I am feeling better inside and out. With more energy, I am one step closer to achieving better health for myself and my family.  As it turns out, one of my son’s like these smoothie’s as much as I do.

I have to say, I truly will miss your emails and new smoothie recipes. I look forward to meeting you in person once I start my Yoga.”

– Mariska

“I was exited to start the 14 Day Smoothie Challenge. I love smoothies and thought I’d probably get some great new recipes.

After about 6 days I was checking in with Jennifer and mentioned that I had a very “content” or calm feeling. Not agitated and not hungry. This feeling just seemed to happen gradually.

When the challenge was over, I did not have my smoothies consistently. I missed a couple days, had one, missed another. The next day I noticed I was REALLY hungry. Craving sugar, tired and very crabby. I was literally standing in my kitchen wondering what was wrong with me?!

It had to be the lack of smoothies. So I started up again the next morning, hoping in a couple of days I’d be back where I was. And yes, it took about 3-4 days and I have that lovely calm again. I think in the reality of a busy life I could miss one day, but have to dive right back in the following day.

I’m looking forward to my next step – Jennifer’s Love Your Gut Program.”


“I really enjoyed Jennifer’s Smoothie Challenge. I was at home recovering from an injury for 5 weeks. It also coincided with a mindful eating challenge which made me slow down and appreciate the flavours and textures in each smoothie. We used to make smoothies, but my family was heavy on the fruit juices and then we stopped making them a few years ago. I much prefer my new creations that are healthier. I’ve continued making smoothies most days and take the extra to work for hydration through my hectic mornings at work.”

– Cathy R.

“I struggled with finding a breakfast that would help get me through the morning. The smoothie challenge helped me not only with a great way to start my day, but it left me feeling satisfied. Love the variety.”

– Debbie C.

“I have been part of the Love Your Gut Program since February this year and it all started with the two week smoothie challenge. The team support and Jennifer’s coaching make this fun and it has turned into my lifestyle now. I feel better, I have more energy and sustained weight loss. Jennifer you are a great and caring coach. Thank you!”

– R.W.

Check out the amazing changes Jodi experienced with daily smoothies…

BEFORE – bloating, gas and acid reflux following most meals.
NOW – no bloating, gas, acid reflux – at all!
BEFORE – bowel movements varied from constipation to diarrhea.
NOW – daily solid bowel movements – this shift alone is HUGE since it’s an indication of improvements in gut health.
BEFORE – energy described as ‘miserable in the morning’ and ‘sluggish in the afternoon’.
NOW – energy is high upon waking and no more afternoon crashes. Also, falling asleep faster and staying asleep throughout the night.
BEFORE – frequent back pain and sciatica.
NOW – back pain has reduced noticeably.
BEFORE – daily swelling in fingers, hands, wrists, ankles and feet.
NOW – swelling reduced significantly – no more sock lines and rings/jewelry are now loose.
BEFORE – eczema around eyes and on elbows.
NOW – eczema around eyes is gone and has improved noticeably on elbows.
BEFORE – painful bump on wrist that had formed 6 months ago.
NOW – bump is now gone and there’s no more pain.
Jodi’s weight and measurements:
Jan 7/18
Weight 244.4 lbs
Waist 116cm
Hips 131cm
Bust 115cm
Feb 15/18
Weight 230.2 lbs
Waist 110cm
Hips 126cm
Bust 112cm