The sign-up window for the LIVE 7-day smoothie challenge is now closed

I'm sorry you missed the spring challenge, but I hope you'll join our awesome smoothie community for the next LIVE smoothie challenge in the fall!

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How the 7-day smoothie challenge works


STEP 1: Join

Join using the sign-up form on this page. Right after joining, you’ll receive a smoothie formula + shopping list via email, so that way you can start preparing for the challenge. The challenge will start on May 31st.

STEP 2: Get the emails

Once the challenge begins, you’ll receive a daily email with awesome smoothie info + delicious spring smoothie recipes (like Carrot Cake, Lemon Cookie, Chocolate Covered Almonds & more!) to blend & enjoy. 

STEP 3: Have one smoothie a day

For 7-days straight, you’ll replace one meal per day (breakfast, lunch or dinner) with a nutrient-rich & delicious smoothie, using the smoothie formula and/or recipes provided.

STEP 4: Join our smoothie community

This challenge is LIVE, which means you’ll be doing it at the same time as others. Join our awesome community on Facebook where you can connect with everyone, share your daily smoothie & cheer each other on! 

A simple habit for a healthier you

For 7-days, you’ll replace one meal a day with a nutrient-rich & delicious smoothie. You can keep everything else the same, including your other meals and exercise routine. 

This challenge is designed to help you reset and get into a simple smoothie routine that you can easily incorporate into your busy schedule–even after the 7-day challenge is complete.

Simply replacing one meal a day with these well formulated smoothies will help to boost your energy, shed unwanted weight & make you glow from the inside out!

What People are Saying

“When COVID hit my diet went sideways”

“Jennifer, thank you for the 7-day smoothie challenge. I was doing daily smoothies for so long, but when COVID hit my diet went sideways. This has been a great opportunity to reset and I am feeling brighter already.”


“A great start to a healthy lifestyle”

“I have IBS and I never experienced any gas or bloating while consuming these smoothies. They filled me up until my next meal and gave me energy. I definitely recommend the challenge; it’s a great start to a healthy lifestyle. Jennifer is a great motivator and she made it fun.”


“I love how energized I feel when doing the challenge”

“This is my second time taking part in Jen’s Smoothie Challenge and I know there will be a third time in the future! I love all of the great tips on nutrition, the positivity that Jen brings, and how energized I feel when doing the challenge.”


“Fast and easy for people who are on-the-go”

Jennifer’s smoothie challenge was a blast. So many new ways to make great tasting smoothies. They are fast and easy for people who are on the go. I learned so much from this challenge even though I’ve been blending smoothies for over a year. Join the challenge, you won’t regret it.”


5 reasons these smoothies work

1. The right balance of macronutrients, including protein.

In order to call a smoothie a complete meal it’s important to combine the right ingredients, using the right ratios. The smoothies you’ll be making will contain all macronutrient groups including: high-fiber carbohydrates, healthy fats, and high-quality protein.

Protein tends to be the missing ingredient in a lot of smoothie recipes. Protein is not only a source of vital nutrients required for optimal health, but it’s also essential for sending healthy hormonal signals throughout your body.

2. No excess fruit or juices, keeping blood sugar levels in check.
Adding multiple cups of fruit or juice to your smoothie may defeat the purpose of what smoothie making is all about – to be healthier. Excess high-sugar ingredients (fruit sugars in this case) will only create short-lived energy and may lead to health issues down the road. Chronically elevated blood sugar levels can lead to weight gain and a list of other illnesses.

These smoothies will keep your blood sugar levels in check, yet still give you small doses of powerful nutrients and fiber found in whole fruits.

3. Healthy fats for optimal health and a smaller waistline.
Many people tend to associate dietary fat with the fat that ends up stored on their body. This idea couldn’t be further from the truth, at least when it comes to healthy fats. Healthy fats actually fuel and support every cell in your body, which is important for optimal health – and optimal health leads to effortless weight loss.

In addition, fat is the body’s preferred and most reliable form of energy, allowing your body and mind to run more efficiently. Healthy dietary fat not only gives your body the fuel it needs, but also allows you to absorb fat-soluble vitamins found in fruits and vegetables.

4. Loaded with green goodness.
‘Eat your greens’ was not ingrained in our minds from a young age for no good reason. The list of benefits vegetables provide is endless: antioxidants to combat free radicals, essential vitamins and minerals, detoxification, collagen production, gut health through dietary fiber, weight loss, disease prevention, etc.

These smoothies make it realistic to get more vegetables into your diet in an easy and tasty way.

5. Gut-friendly and healing ingredients.

These smoothies contain nothing but nutrient-dense, high-quality ingredients that are gut-friendly.

The smoothie recipes and recommended protein powders are FREE OF gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, grains, GMOs, fillers, artificial flavours, colours, preservatives or sweeteners + other common gut irritants. The goal here is to make these smoothies safe for you and anyone else you might be blending for.



Natural Weight Loss

The right ingredients and formula for effortless & sustainable weight loss.

Better Gut Health

Clean + quality ingredients that are gut-friendly & feed good gut bacteria. 

Balanced Hormones

Foods that support healthy hormones so you can look & feel your best.

Increased Energy

Ingredients that provide you with sustainable energy to conquer your day.

Improved Immune Health

Nutrient-rich foods that boost your immune system and keep you strong. 

Glowing Skin

Natural anti-aging ingredients that will make you glow from the inside out.


What People Are Saying


“I really enjoyed Jennifer’s 7-day Smoothie Challenge. I was provided with guidelines on what makes a great smoothie so I could prepare in advance, but there was still so much flexibility that I was able to find what worked for me in terms of flavours and textures. I was satiated but not bloated or uncomfortable which was a huge plus, and it was also a time saver – making a smoothie takes only a few minutes! The Facebook community (although I was more of an observer) was a great space to learn from others, plus Jennifer’s daily emails of guidance and encouragement was fantastic. Smoothies will be incorporated into my routine going forward – thank you Jennifer!”


“I have been blending Jennifer’s smoothies for a year and a half now–and I’m proof that they work! I have lost weight and my IBS symptoms have subsided. Jennifer, you changed my life. Your incredible knowledge and unwavering support mean the world to me. You always make yourself available for any questions I may have and I can’t thank you enough. You are a beautiful person in and out and your vast knowledge of food and nutrition, and the impact it has on our well being, is admirable. Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated.”


“I just finished the most recent 7 Day Smoothie Challenge with Jennifer, but I started doing smoothies with her a few years ago. I usually do them Monday to Friday, replacing either breakfast or lunch. I find that it keeps me on track with eating healthy at least 5 days a week. I know I’m putting good stuff in my body at the start of my day–and it helps with my IBS. I’ve learned so much from Jennifer these past few years and I expect to keep learning! Thank you!”



“I did the 7 day smoothie challenge with Jennifer several times in the past two years. It’s a great way to get my energy levels up and get me back on track with healthier eating choices. I just finished another round of the 7 day challenge and I have to say I feel an energy boost. I replaced breakfast with a smoothie and I find that it holds me until lunch. I’m adding more fruits and veggies to my diet and I’ve already noticed improvement in my IBS symptoms (I use the recipes from Jennifer’s “Smoothies for IBS E-book“). I’m definitely feeling less bloated and I’ve lost a few pounds. I feel great and will continue my once a day smoothie routine!”


“Jennifer’s 14-day smoothie challenge was a wonderful experience. She was with us every step of the way. I have to admit, with my busy schedule I didn’t think I’d be able to keep up, but I did! All the great ideas provided made it easy to put these smoothies together. I had great energy throughout the day and knowing that I was putting good things in my body made me happy. It increased my energy, eliminated my bloating and gas and even improved my bowel movements! I can’t see myself not having a smoothie everyday, especially knowing how good it makes me feel.”

Meet your smoothie challenge host!

Jennifer will be your personal smoothie coach through the LIVE 7-day smoothie challenge. She’ll be there to coach you through everything you need to know about smoothies, including …

  • how to create YOUR perfect smoothie
  • blenders
  • protein powders
  • smoothie hacks
  • time-saving tips
  • smoothie boosters
  • creating low-cost & high-nutrition smoothies
  • + more

Learn more about how smoothies helped Jennifer on her journey back to health.

The sign-up window for the LIVE 7-day smoothie challenge is now closed

I'm sorry you missed the spring challenge, but I hope you'll join our awesome smoothie community for the next LIVE smoothie challenge in the fall!

If you're ready to start your journey towards weight loss and better health now, I highly recommend my Quick-Start Guide To Smoothies--it's FREE!



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