The Ultimate Gut Support Kit

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The Ultimate Gut Support Kit contains 3 key supplements recommended for people seeking relief from IBS and common gut problems. This kit includes:

  • GI-Revive (225 g): Gut repair formula
  • Digestzymes (90 caps): Digestive enzymes
  • ProbioMed 50 (30 caps): Probiotics


The Ultimate Gut Support Kit contains 3 key supplements recommended for people seeking relief from common gut problems and IBS. In this kit you’ll get a gut repair formula, digestive enzymes + probiotics.

Are gas, bloating, diarrhea, constipation or stomach pain a frustrating and uncomfortable part of your life?

Did you know that these are symptoms of IBS and can be an indication of poor gut health, including a damaged gut lining, gut inflammation, poor digestion and unbalanced gut bacteria?

In addition to a healthy diet and lifestyle, supplements can be very helpful in getting your gut and health back on track fast!

Supplements can help to repair the gut lining, reduce gut inflammation, support digestion and repopulate the gut with good bacteria.

3 key supplements that I recommend to my clients who are seeking relief from common gut problems and IBS are: A gut repair formula, digestive enzymes + probiotics.

Because these supplements are so important to gut health, I have bundled them together in The Ultimate Gut Support Kit.

Below, you’ll find more information on my recommended supplements AND instructions on how to take each of them, so you can easily start supporting your gut today!

Here’s how the Ultimate Gut Support Kit can help

GI-Revive. A synergistic formula offering wide-ranging support for optimal gut health and function. It provides therapeutic levels of nutrients which support gut lining repair and help fight inflammation along with ingredients to promote healthy bowel function. Take 1 tbsp./day on an empty stomach.

Digestzymes. Comprised of a proprietary blend of digestive enzymes along with betaine HCl to support optimal digestion of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. This product also contains the special enzymes to break down gluten, casein (in dairy) and lactose (in dairy). The use of Digestzymes may be helpful if you experience gas and bloating after eating, constipation, or a feeling of fullness after eating only a small quantity of food. Take 1 cap with all meals. Take 2 caps with larger meals.

ProbioMed 50. A high potency, shelf stable, broad spectrum probiotics formulation containing 50 billion CFU per serving, designed for daily microflora maintenance. It consists of ten of the most highly-researched probiotic strains (most of which have been proven to be beneficial for people with IBS). Take 1 cap daily with food. 

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This kit is designed for people with:

  • IBS
  • Frequent gas
  • Bloating
  • Heartburn & acid reflux
  • Diarrhea
  • Constipation
  • Stomach pain & indigestion
  • A sense of fullness after eating a small quantity of food
  • Low energy
  • Weight struggles

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The Science First Difference

As a manufacturer of premium quality nutritional supplements, distributed exclusively to health care practitioners, Designs for Health is committed to producing the most effective and therapeutic nutritional products possible. DFH is responsible for meeting every aspect of this concept through their guiding principle: Science First. The Science First concept includes product ingredient selection, raw material sourcing, product formulation, potency regulations and assurances, dietary recommendations, delivery methods, and education. DFH's Science-First principles guide all their decision-making processes, from product ingredient selection to packaging. In addition, all DFH supplements and products are:
  • 100% gluten-free
  • Free of all forms of soy protein
  • Include NO artificial sweeteners or detrimental levels of nutritive sweeteners such as sucrose, glucose, fructose/ high fructose corn syrup, or concentrated fruit juices

Product Formulation & Potency Decisions

Designs for Health takes pride in the development of highly effective synergistic formulations through the power of science. They use extensive research to create formulations that contain the utmost in potency with the most effective results. Over the years, practitioners have come to trust and rely on DFH's products and ingredients, knowing they are receiving the highest quality of nutritional supplement products available.

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2 reviews for The Ultimate Gut Support Kit

  1. Macy Krouskoupf (verified owner)

    Amazing products! I have suffered from extreme IBS for over 10 years now. I have spent countless hours and money trying to find some relief. The products in the ultimate gut support kit have helped me tremendously! No more extreme discomfort, bloating etc. after meals. These are miracle products in my opinion!

    • Jennifer DiGregorio

      Macy, I’m so happy to hear about your positive experience with the supplements in the Ultimate Gut Support Kit! They are truly powerful when it comes to helping people treat the root cause of their IBS. Thank you for sharing with others. I wish you continued success in your healing journey 🙂

  2. krista lalonde

    I love this brand. I had taken gi revive a few yrs ago and it was recommended that I use it again. It’s great helping to calm ibs. This was a first for the other 2 products. I used to take enzymes with every meal so I love that I only need to take this one once per day. The less the better! The Probiotics doesn’t give me any side effects and I am regular to the hour. Overall I’m very happy with the products.

    • Jennifer DiGregorio

      Krista, thanks for sharing your experience with GI-Revive, Digestzymes and ProbioMed! I’m really happy to hear these supplements are working well for your body and helping with your IBS. The Ultimate Gut Support Kit is my personal favourite–and has worked wonders for many of my clients who require gut healing and support. Keep up the commitment to your health & wellbeing 🙂

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